If you heard the show this morning, then you're aware that Nico has been barred from his parents home (after attending a party) and is staying with Buzz in order to not put his parents at risk. We then learned that Nico sometimes would sleep in the master bedroom when Buzz was out of town (weird, I know). It's then that Buzz and I mentioned that we shouldn't call it a "master bedroom" anymore. If you're confused, allow me to explain.

The Houston Association of Realtors have decided to cancel "master bedroom". Well, just the term, not the actual room. Realtors will now be using the term "primary" when describing bedrooms and bathrooms in homes on their Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The change came about after several members of the association asked for a review and for the word to be removed. According to the Houston Association of Realtors, the change, which happened earlier this month, had been considered for quite some time now. Members of the association felt that the word carried connotations to slavery.

It's worth noting that the Houston Association of Realtors is not putting a complete ban on the word. The HAR says "You may still use the term ‘Master Bedroom’ or ‘Master Bath’ as you feel appropriate in your marketing materials and in the Public Remarks, Agent Remarks, and photo descriptions." So, in a sense, the word will still be used. But other uses of the word "master" are on their way out. The Court of Master Sommeliers (the fancy wine people) say that they will no longer use the word before a sommeliers last name. So, progress?

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