According to someone who works here, that is a definite possibility. Why else would signs be put up inside the stalls of our restrooms? You have to see them to believe them!

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I have heard lots of stories about the bathrooms here at KLAQ and what has happened in them. It makes me want to wear a hazmat suit when I go to do my business. There is a story about some explosive diarrhea that never made it into the toilet, people throwing up and also the time Buzz brought his dogs in and they pooped halfway up the wall on curtains. But that time happened in the KSII studio.

The women's bathroom usually seems pretty clean to me. I don't walk in and think, "what animals have been pooping in here?!" Now that I have seen the signs in a certain stall, I am starting to think that maybe I should look around and look closer at the bathroom. Here is the first sign that went up about a month or so ago.


About a week ago, this sign was joined by another teaching people proper bathroom procedures. Apparently, the women who work at KLAQ need written instructions.