Las Cruces has become one of the biggest hotspots to encounter a celebrity!

Lately, we have had a lot of reports of celebrities spotted in Las Cruces- most recently we heard of Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis and Kate Bosworth who were all filming separate projects.

Just last week I wrote about Diego Tinoco, Cesar from "On My Block", dining at Matteo's Mexican Food- but there was no other word on why Li'l Spooky was in the City of Crosses.

Well, now we know exactly why Tinoco was in Cruces; and it's just what we suspected, he's filming a movie in town! Tinoco shared some pictures of him on set, the crew and him on makeup as he filmed his newest project.

After doing a bit of research on IMDb, it looks like the project that Tinoco is working on in Las Cruces is called "Bad Hombres"- which also stars Tyrese Gibson- who was also spotted recently in the Land of Enchantment, and fans of the actor were quick to notice that he was there!

According to IMDb, "Bad Hombres" is described as:

Bad Hombres tells the story of two undocumented immigrants who take a job digging a hole and then learn their employers are criminals.

Along with Tinoco and Gibson, there are only two other actors listed; one is Hemky Madera, who you may recognize from "Spider Man: Homecoming" as the deli worker.

The other is Paul Johansson, who has come out in shows like "NCIS", "Once Upon a Time" and "Bones".

Well, Tinoco looks excited to be part of the film, and I'm sure as more time passes we'll learn more about the film. For now, I'm sure many of us will be flocking to the City of Crosses to see if we can catch a glimpse of a movie star.


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