It was a rough year for the 2020 Houston Texans. There were high hopes going into the season, no matter how strange the season was already going to be in the middle of a pandemic. Things didn't really go as planned. The Texans wound up going just 4 and 12 and fired head coach/GM Bill O'Brien in the middle of the season. They still don't have a head coach, but they have filled the GM position with former New England Patriots director of personnel, Nick Caserio. This move didn't sit well with Deshaun Watson because he wasn't involved in the hiring process.

It's being said at this point that Watson is "extremely unhappy" with the Texans.

This, of course, has led to lots of speculation about a trade involving Watson. There are certainly teams that will be in need of a quarterback next year. Some possible destinations?

  • New England Patriots - It almost makes too much sense. The Texans new GM came over from New England, and the Patriots are in desperate need of a quarterback.
  • Chicago Bears - This team is so close to being really good, the one issue is at the quarterback position. Trubisky and Foles just haven't panned out.
  • Indianapolis Colts - Philip Rivers is on a one year deal and the Colts are a lot like the Bears. Really good defense, with the major question mark being the quarterback position.
  • Denver Broncos - Ever since Peyton Manning left the quarterback position in Denver has been a disaster. Heck, even in his final season it wasn't that great because he underperformed to the point Brock Osweiler started over him at points of the season.
  • Washington Football Team - Ron Rivera has a decent team in DC, but again, like most of these other teams, they have a solid team, but the quarterback position is a giant question mark.

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