According to the Army Times, the DoD is working on a plan to close down all the commissaries in the United States, taking away the savings and benefits from soldiers and their families.  The only remaining commissaries would be overseas.

This would decrease the purchasing power that keeps their prices down, so in the remaining stores, families would have to spend more for the things they need.  So much for the government's commitment to the service members and their families!

In his written testimony Tom Gordy, Armed Forces Marketing Council president said closing U.S. stores “would eliminate the benefit for millions of families, breaking a commitment that has been made to every service member.”

That such a proposal would come from within DoD is “very concerning,” said Steve Rossetti, director of government affairs for the American Logistics Association.


Seriously, how is this something that anyone in the government could consider a good idea?  Is this what "support our troops" means now?

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