The meat-free movement has continued to grow across the country, including right here in the Sun City and there are restaurants popping up you should try. El Paso is a city known for many things but its most delicious quality is the food. Mexican food, delicious drinks, great prices, and more await people who visit or live in the Sun City. But there's a movement growing across the country of people who want to be more health-conscious and environmentally friendly and one of those ways is through what they put in their mouths.

More people are adopting a pescatarian, vegetarian, and vegan lifestyle into their lives. Due to these changing palates, restaurants are now adapting and offering a variety of new dishes that are vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian. The hardest to find are vegan options since a vegan diet doesn't allow a person to eat any animal products. This includes not only meat but cheese, milk, eggs, or any product that comes from an animal.

Thankfully, vegan restaurants and food trucks have been opening up across El Paso and there are more options for people who are looking to incorporate veganism into their lives. While there are a limited amount of restaurants that offer vegan-only dishes, there are plenty of restaurants that have now incorporated more vegan dishes into their menu.

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  • Piedmont Cafe- Piedmont Cafe offers a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options like salads topped with seitan cutlets or tofu, seitan club sandwich, buirgers made with impossible meat, and more. They also offer all-day breakfast where you can get their seitan pozole, tofu smothered burrito, loaded biscuits with seitan bits and more.
  • Healthy Bite- this lovely spot in downtown El Paso offers delicious options like a roasted red pepper panini, veggie panini, cucumber sandwich, salads, and more.
  • Lick It Up- Located inside International in San Jacinto Plaza, Lick It Up is where you go when you are hungry for Mexican food but want to keep it vegan. Everything from nachos, carne asada fries, burritos, flautas, and more.
  • Ruli's International Kitchen- With a wide variety of salads, and every burger can be made with an impossible patty, Ruli's has a decent selection for vegans and vegetarians out there. You can also try the pesto fries with no parmesan and fall in love.
  • Savage Goods- There are so many items on this menu that are vegan friendly it's the perfect place for a nice brunch or a quick morning breakfast. All items on the menu are plant-based unless noted, which is nice since most restaurants have more items that aren't plant-based but Savage Goods is the exception.
  • Veggie Jackson- This food truck located inside the Monarch Bar's patio has a rotating menu so there's always something new for you to try. Most recently Veggie Jackson advertised Cajun fried "fish" filet, burgers, burritos, vegan cupcakes, and more.
  • Sabertooth- This restaurant shares a gorgeous patio with Hope and Anchor so you can relax and enjoy some delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes and enjoy hand-crafted drinks as well. Check out their veggie nachos, hummus, quinoa veggie bowl, grilled veggie tacos, and more.
  • Grown Together- Get your weekly vegan meal preps from the guys at Grown Together or get tonight's dinner, either way, they've got options for you. Everything is vegan in this spot so don't worry about what you order, it's plant-based and delicious. Everything from vegan meatball subs, Philly cheese "steak," buffalo chik'n ranch sandwich, animal fries, and more.
  • The Green Ingredient- Plant-based cheeses?! Need we say more. Grab some of the Green Ingredients' cheeses, cookies, crackers, and more at various markets around El Paso.
  • One Grub Community- Weekly specials you have to try like jackfruit ribs and veggie soup plus delicious dishes like cashew-based queso and chips, vegan potato hash, seitan al pastor, seitan faux-jitas, and more.
  • Juicery Plus- a plant-based restaurant and juice bar located in downtown El Paso and their new location on Airway with a massive juice bar with tons of options. They also have tofu-based House Migas, black-eye toast, avocado toast, vegetable curry, and more.
  • Nour Mediterranean Cafe- One of my favorite restaurants in El Paso with delicious options like Baba Ghannouj, grape leaves, spinach pie, and more.
  • Joe, Vinny & Bronson's Cafe- This is the place in 5 Points you go when you're hungover and want some delicious vegan Menudo. Plus, you have to try the vegetarian burritos, picadillo with the vegan ground "beef," and an entire section dedicated to their vegetarian and vegan options.

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