It's time for another "Dear Fernie" this time its all about love advice. Helping you straight guys get laid! If you would like advice you can email me or twitter. Is this 1st email a Manti Te'o type of relationship?

Dear Fernie,

I have a little smittuation with a girl I talk and txt with.She has been real hurt in previous relationships so she has some trust issues. We communicate constantly and we have gone out on dates.Everything was working out and going smooth between us.But recently she turned on me asking me to go meet other people.

So I asked her if she was serious and if that is how she felt I would move on. She got angry at me and told me well if I couldn’t wait until she was ready then for me to move on.

I told her that I never said that because I honestly think she is worth waiting for.I really do like her…aside from me being attracted to her physically I love her personality

So this is my question for you….Do you think I’m making the right decision on waiting for her until she is ready for a relationship???

If so…how long is a good time to wait for until it’s time to realize that there nothing is going to happen between us and for me to move on???

Thank You, Michael

Dear Michael,

At first I thought you were in a Manti Te'o relationship because you stated,"we talk and text" and then yous said you have gone on dates. Which one is the truth? I say if this girl is real and you enjoy her then you can continue to talk with her and when she is ready you will be there. But BRO COME ON!! There are more girls out there other than this one girl! Please don't be whooped on her if you have only been on a couple of dates. Like I said before if the Red Parrot had gift cards I would give you one.


Hey Fernie, I consider myself a petty good looking guy but i seem to be horrible at picking an awesome female companion for myself. After hearing the morning show this morning i figured I'd give it a shot and write you in hopes of you maybe setting me up since you are the single straight guys match maker lol. I'm 29, 6'2, hispanic, dark hair and eyes, athletic build 160lbs and I've been in a couple magazines when i was younger since my mom was a model. I have a great job, own my own house and car and I'm drama free. I'm attracted to women who have a nice body end even better personality. SET ME UP! Ive attached a pic of myself incase it helps.

Thanks, Juan

Q Listener Self Pic

Dear Juan,

All the females I have read your story to all agree, your just trying to get laid and you sound like a player. If your trying to settle down maybe you should try looking for a nice girl maybe in a park or at Qrotica Feb. 8th @ Club Lotus. A lot of my single women friends will be there (dressed SEXY). There is something for every one. Here are some tips

1. Go out somewhere and check out the scene

2.Start a conversation with a couple of girls (Remember if your considered a 4 go for something in your league)

3.Make her feel beautiful. Compliment her and focus on her perfections and let her know she is turning you on. (Don't be afraid to dance with her...make her laugh)

4.Once you make a connection escalate to some touching then kissing and then to getting LAID or a number.

GOOD LUCK...Let me know how it goes