There are some neighborhoods that had to beg and plead for speed bumps to slow cars down. Luckily, those neighborhoods got what they wanted in order to prevent drivers from speeding. Some of us have our own opinions about certain intersections or streets in the area that need protection.

For example, Arizona Ave. and E. Rio Grande Ave. are tough streets to cross either driving or walking.

Well, there is a particular area that definitely needs a change soon. Some locals have some concerns about the dangerous intersection they believe was designed imperfectly. In my opinion, I couldn't agree more about how they feel.

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If you've been around the intersection of US 54 and State Line Road then you know just how dangerous it really is. That intersection is even more dangerous at night than it is during the day. I remember thinking the exact same thing when I had been out there for a Christmas party one evening.

Luckily, there were not very many cars passing by when I had to get through the intersection. I am sure others can also firmly agree that something needs to change in that area. People who travel on that road are hauling a** and make it difficult for other drivers.

The neighbors who live in that area would like to have a traffic light installed for better protection. KTSM News Channel 9 did a special report about that intersection and the concerns from others. Let me know if you also feel something should be done at the dangerous intersection in the poll below.

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