It's always great news to hear when a local brewery that started off small starts to expand. Well, that is what happened for one local brewery you know as DeadBeach Brewery. DeadBeach Brewery is the bar downtown you would make a stop at for a few cold ones before attending a sporting event at Southwest University Park.

The great news that has been floating around is that DeadBeach Brewery is planning on expanding its beer selection to 3 large cities. The 3 large cities that will get a taste of El Paso's DeadBeach Brewery beer will be San Diego, Denver, and New Orleans. It was a few years ago when I used to serve at DeadBeach Brewery and remember the times we would get slammed.

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The bar inside and the patio outside would fill up quickly with customers who absolutely love the beer. Being able to work there came with a perk EVERYONE would love and that was free beer. Of course, after doing so well for so long now DeadBeach Brewery is excited about the construction of its new facility. The new project will be built by Jordan Foster Construction.

The new project will include doing a complete flip on an existing warehouse. The remodeled warehouse will help provide more room for the DeadBeach Brewery's equipment and a storage area for beer. This kind of news shouldn't be surprising though especially if you've tasted their beer.

DeadBeach Brewery is the place that reminds you that beer loves you. You can get an idea of what DeadBeach Brewery is all about from Subharmonic City's YouTube video above. Now if you've never tried their beer before, I have a few recommendations for you that I remember being popular by demand were Chuco Lager, Abuela Stout, DeadBeach IPA, and the Heartbreaker. DeadBeach Brewery is always changing up its beers from time to time but they offer tasters so you can try before you buy.

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