A news reporter was out doing his job of asking random people why they are out in the terribly cold weather conditions in New York City. The blizzard has forced many residents to stay indoors but those who brave the weather have a very good reason. Like rewarding children with hand lotion.

Yes, hand lotion. A young boy was in desperate need for hand lotion during the blizzard and convinced his father to take him out to the store. A father's love knows no boundaries.

Unfortunately, this CBS reporter was quick to ask the father and son why they are in need of hand lotion in a time when everyone is stuck in the house. The father explains that his son did so well on his grades that he deserved a reward and all he wanted was hand lotion.

Now I am not going to argue with that need because I spend a good amount of money on Hemp lotion because I think it's pretty amazing. I am not sure what lotion this boy wanted but when the reporter confirmed that all the boy wants was lotion, the embarrassment just gushes out of the boy with an awkward yeah.

Luckily the father dragged his boy away from the reporter before he could continue to troll the young boy on his lotion purchase. Let the kid live, man!