The majority of the time someone will make a big deal when they complain about their food. When you see this dude and his reaction over his burger will leave you stunned.

It's not rare to hear someone shout about how horrible their order is. This funny Snapchat video does a complete 180 when you get to the end! Don't let this guy fool you with his reaction after biting his burger. You will be wondering what is wrong since the Snapchat headline talks about great customer service and good food.

The staff was quite hesitant when the customer kept asking who made his burger. If I was the person who made his burger, I would also keep my mouth shut because of his tone. Little do you know, this guy actually shouts when he's enjoying his food. This dude in the video above has tempted me to do the same thing at one of our local restaurants.

This would be a fun little prank to pull off at a restaurant here in El Paso!

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