We are half way through the week. So let's keep things rolling with Full Metal Jackie and Tony LaBrie on Loudwire Nights.

On the show tonight, Ben Burnley of Breaking Benjamin chats with Jackie about music then, now and more.

Rob Halford of Judas Priest will also be talking with the lovely Full Metal Jackie of their choice to tour or not to tour.

Jackie will also be chatting with Crobot on Loudwire Nights. Crobot is set to perform tonight at the Brandt Centre Events along with Balloonfest 2015 bands Volbeat and Anthrax. For more information on this year's Balloonfest event, click here.

Then, at ten, we get our Metallica fix with Loudwire Nights Mission Metallica. After, Gabe from Aranda will also get to chat with Jackie.

Its going to be a good one. So sit back, grab a cold one and enjoy the show!!