This is REALLY stupid but, it will probably make you laugh so; keep reading! 

Tired of the demands of touring, the shady side of the music industry, the drugs and everything else; Jimi Hendrix decided to "check out".  He faked his own death and, naturally, took up acting under the name "Morgan Freeman". The name Freeman ... "Free Man" ... summing up how he felt about his new life, free of all that crap.

Freeman/Hendrix supposedly 'fessed up in 2013, saying: "acting was the real direction he wanted to go into because he felt he had to "expand himself" as an entertainer. He added that, "being a commercially successful musician "has a limited shelf life". (Link here.)

If you look at a side by side, he does sorta look like an elderly Jimi Hendrix. That's about the only thing they have in common though. A press conference was supposed to reveal all this on April 1st, 2013. So far, nada and I'm not holding my breath!!  (Look at that date again...)