In August, we were excited to find out Cracker Barrel was adding more food items to their menu, now we're ecstatic to know that booze is coming soon. At the end of August, Cracker Barrel announced their new Fall menu items they would be adding to the menu. Chicken Pot Pie would be available daily as well as Maple Bacon Grilled Chicken, while Country Fried Pork Chops, Barrel Cut Sugar Ham, and Pot Roast will be added into the weekend rotation. If you were excited about the food, just wait till you hear about the booze.

Cracker Barrel will be adding beer and wine to their menus for the first time in the restaurant's 51-year history according to CNN. The beloved restaurant chain began testing out beer, wine, and mimosas at some of their locations earlier this year. Now, Cracker Barrel has announced that they will be making alcohol a permanent addition to the menu at most of their locations by the end of this year. The decision isn't surprising, with so many states allowing for looser liquor laws that have helped keep many restaurant chains afloat during the pandemic. Now, you can head to Cracker Barrel for a glass of wine or pint of beer with your evening meal, or grab mimosas during Sunday brunch.

Cracker Barrel has always been seen as a family-friendly, old-fashioned country establishment. Now it seems the pandemic has brought them into modern times and they are embracing something that many have been enjoying during the pandemic- booze.

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