As someone who just got a Costco membership, I'm super excited every time I go to Costco. There's always something new to check out and no to mention, the free samples are enough to fill you up for lunch.

Grant Beirute via Unsplash
Grant Beirute via Unsplash

Now that I'm in the know, I'm always finding out about some beloved Costco item that's making a triumphant return and this time I know I have to hunt this down; it's the return of Costco's ready-to-go chili!

The TikTok account @Costcohotfinds, which is super helpful for those of us who are new to Costco, just shared that Costco has brought back their chili- which looks delicious!

How good does that look? I'm noticing that Costco has a great variety of ready-to-go foods, and I haven't been disappointed just yet by any of them, so I'm sure this chili will also be good.

However, not many are happy with it's return; specifically Texans! Why, you may ask? Well, if you look at the ingredients that make up the chili you get: cooked beef crumbles, kidney beans, pinto beans, tomatoes, onions and green bell peppers, among other ingredients. What's the problem? The beans! In Texas- there's absolutely no place for beans in chili!

There's no beans in chiliI don't know what that is but it's not chili still looks pretty good though.

That was one of them most liked comment on the TikTok video!


Why no beans in chili? I have no idea- I tried to answer that awhile back, but it still left me clueless! This debate has raged on forever. It's so bad that I'm in a Texas group and the word "beans" is actually banned!

I didn't know beans in chili was an issue in Texas, and I've lived in the Lone Star state my whole life! Apparently, I've been eating chili wrong because I like beans in my chili- and I'm totally buying this Costco chili! However, I can totally see why some Texans find it blasphemous!

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