'Tis the season! With Christmas right around the corner it's no surprise that tensions are high- especially with the pandemic. While here in El Paso we've seen our fair share of fights at stores- especially on Black Friday- it's very rare that we see fights happening on the other side of the border. That's not to say that fights at stores don't happen, we just don't get to see that many.

If you're a fan of watching people fight during the holidays then this special treat is for you, consider it a Christmas present. A brawl erupted in the parking lot of the Costco in Juarez on Tuesday morning that ended up making the rounds on social media and the local news both in Juarez and El Paso.


The caption of the video read: People from Juarez had to wait for several hours outside the Costco to do their shopping, however, tempers heated up in some customers, who ended up hitting each other in the parking lot.

So what was it that angered shoppers enough to throw fists? Cakes. According to KVIA, the fight between customers and Costco employees erupted after a group waited several hours to enter the store to purchase said cakes, but were then prevented by employees and police officers to enter the store. The store had put a limit on the number of cakes shoppers could purchase since many of the shoppers were upset that some of the Costco members were only stocking up on the cakes to resell them at higher prices later. KVIA says an attorney for Costco was able to negotiate with the group and allowed them to go into the store and purchase their cakes.

As someone who doesn't have a Costco membership (I'm a Sam's Club member), am I missing something here? How great are these cakes? A quick search on Facebook and you'll find the cakes being sold for about $14 to $15. The only travesty here is that they fail to identify which cake is better.

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