If you attended Coronado High School you know how much of a hassle it was to get good parking then. I feel bad for the students and teachers this year since parking will be limited than it was before. I am class of 2003 and had a hassle than when it came to getting a good parking spot. I remember having to get to school extra early and even ditching 3rd period to get an early lunch just for a good parking spot. You know you were running late if you had to park in the AG lot or on the street. When I was in high school I remember being able to park in front of either C building, B building, and the AG parking lot. Years later they changed it having teachers only being able to park in front of B building.

Just recently they have been making modernizations to Coronado High School. They will be getting a $69 million makeover to update the high school. They will be doing construction on building B first then soon moving on to building A. If it was a hassle for me then I can just imagine how it is for the teachers and students now. But this remodeling project won’t only be a problem for the students and teachers. It will also affect the residents who commute nearby Coronado High School. They’re hoping to have this project completed by 2023 which seems like a long way away.

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