After Kanye West decided to crown himself as "The greatest living rock star of all time" during last month's Glastonbury performance, tons of people hated him even more. Just when you think you can't hate the rapper anymore, he blurts something that quote and ruins Bohemian Rhapsody. Just like everyone else, Corey Taylor has some strong words for Mr. West

During a visit to Music Choice studios in New York City, Corey filmed a message for Kanye about needing to just stop with his statements. The Slipknot front man also tells him what he comes off to him as. We all know that one guy who brags about how many women he sleeps with. Well to Corey, that's Kanye.

I couldn't think of a better example. If you have to brag about something it usually isn't true. Let the public you are entertaining call you the greatest. The more Kanye opens his mouth, the more he digs his grave.