I noticed a lot of people in El Paso don't really pay attention to street signs. There are a couple of areas cops can hand out tickets like they're going out of style. The two I know of are both located on the Westside of town. One is at the corner of N. Mesa street and Executive Center by Family Dollar. After leaving work, I've noticed so many cars that still continue to turn right on a red near Executive Center. Over the weekend when I'm leaving my other job I see the same exact thing happen Downtown! It never fails but a lot of people either ignore the NO TURN ON RED sign or are clueless about it. The other area that people still turn right on red is at Wyoming and Santa Fe downtown. I've been 1 of the 7 cars on Santa Fe waiting to turn which changes to 3 soon after because of those that turn right on a red. There are two places that cops would be able to hand out tickets left and right to people. Have you ever noticed quite a few people in the areas I mentioned above still turn on a red? Pick which spot you have seen a good majority of people turn on a red down below!