I always enjoy the clever signs that TxDot comes up with for the holidays. When I am driving on the freeway I always look to see what new sign they have for us drivers to see and read. Then one day it dawned on me. I started thinking about the TxDot electronic signs and how they somewhat distract a driver as reading a text message does. But I thought isn't reading a TxDot sign equivalent to reading a text message on your phone? Hear me out, it's like you take your eyes off the road for a few seconds to read a sign either for the funny message or information about an amber alert. Granted the TxDot sign is somewhat at a good level to read depending on the distance you read the sigh from. Clearly, waiting until you're close up to the sign means you have to look directly above which isn't the best way.

But if you're at a distance then the sign is legible to read while you're sort of keeping an eye on the road. But to me, reading a TxDot sign is somewhat similar to reading a text on your mobile device. The holidays will soon be approaching now that Halloween has been checked off the list. I remember I enjoyed their sign they wrote for Valentine's Day last year. I especially loved the one about Rudolph being the only one allowed to be lit while driving. Clearly, the TxDot signs have occupied my eyes and continue to since I always check it on a daily basis.

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