I'm stunned to know just how many El Paso drivers ignore the No Turn On Red signs posted on street lights. I have caught so many red-light runners when I get stuck at the lights on North Mesa Street and Executive Center. The far-right lane closer to the Wells Fargo ATM can only turn right when the light is green. But not a lot of drivers actually follow what the sign says.

That isn't the only set of traffic lights with a no turn on a red sign in El Paso. Another familiar spot I see people make a right turn on a red when they shouldn't is Downtown. The set of lights with a no turn on a red sign is located at Santa Fe and Wyoming Avenue. After finishing my shift at DeadBeach Brewery I would always come across someone who ignored the sign. The worst part about it all is when they honk at you to break the law with them.

In my opinion, I believe some people need to see this because of what I've experienced at those lights. I have had my share of El Paso drivers honking at me to turn right when it says no turn on red. I feel after hearing so many honks at these lights lately some El Paso drivers needed to know this. I haven't had trouble the times I've been on the Eastside at a red light with that particular sign. If you abide by the traffic signs be sure to keep an eye out for those who don't and ignore them in these areas.

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