Some El Paso drivers need to be aware of something while driving on the Westside. There is something I witness every day that tons of El Paso drivers should be aware of.

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A lot of drivers in El Paso tend to ignore a street sign that hangs on a busy streetlight pole. The sign often ignored by El Paso drivers is the No Turn On Red sign.

Honestly, a cop could pop so many people for turning on a red where they shouldn't be. I am not sure how bad it is anywhere else but at Executive Center and N. Mesa, it is bad.

It never fails that while waiting at the lights between FedEx and Family Dollar people turn on a red. Even if I am in a rush, I still would not dare turn on a red.

Sure, most areas allow you to turn on a red, but not all do and some El Paso drivers need a heads-up stat. If you're turning right at Executive Center and N. Mesa St., make sure the light is green.

It is surprising how many El Paso drivers get away with turning on a red when they shouldn't be. Despite being in a rush and no cop around, I would still be nervous as hell to ignore the no turn on red sign.

Now I want to know exactly how many of you will ignore the sign when you pull up to a red light. Place your anonymous choice on what you do in the poll below.

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