Students all over are returning to class but not necessarily to the school itself.

Virtual classes are the norm now for students at all grade levels and for most college students as well. Studying from home has some disadvantages but, it has some pretty cool perks too. For instance:

  • You'll need a designated "lunchtime" but, you can also schedule things like "snack time", "I want to listen to Dubba G time", or, "let's just stare out the window and daydream time".
  • You don't necessarily have to spend a lot, if any, time getting ready. Set your computer's camera so that it only shows you from the shoulders up and all you'll have to do is your hair. You can wear whatever the hell you want.
  • That one could also eliminate, at least for middle and high school students, the whole "I have to look better/prettier/cooler/whatever" than so and so does issue. Fashion bullying may well be a thing of the past!
  • During stressful times, say test-taking, you can always play with the family dog for a minute. Dogs are amazing stress relievers.
  • Detention could actually be enjoyable. If you just get sent to your room where all your games and things are, it's really kind of a win. Even better if your family has a party room with a nice sound system and a fully stocked fridge.
  • No one can poke you or hide your things or mess with you. Unless you have siblings. If so, you may actually be worse off in this regard. God be with you.
  • Parents, this one is for you. Instead of making your kid(s) stay after school for bad behavior, have them wash your car, mow the lawn, do the dishes, etc. Make your rules strict enough and you may not have to lift a finger all semester!

All kidding aside, studying from home is loaded with challenges and the parents of these "virtual" students have a lot on their hands. Not only where learning is concerned but, also when it comes to nutrition, physical fitness, keeping them interested and motivated, setting schedules, social interaction, and much more. To help students and parents alike with these things, KLAQ has moved the Back To School Expo online.

There are also some pretty sweet prizes up for grabs online. Click here for a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship and then, for a chance at a backpack filled with supplies and a Whataburger gift card, click here.

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