The internet is a wonderful thing, loaded with cool and money-saving info.

While spying on one of Townsquare Medias' other stations, I found this cool piece about the hidden perks of shopping at Costco. Thanks to the "other" Q for the info.

  • Rental cars - Rental car agencies that work with Costco include Enterprise, Alamo, Avis and Budget. This could save you big if you want to cruise up to see STP in Albuquerque this weekend.
  • Plan vacations - Just like the car rental places, Costco has inside deals with airlines. Packages include hotels, flights, excursions, car rentals, cruises and more.
  • You really don't even need a membership - Here's my favorite one, blow off the membership completely. It's true, just find someone who is a member and ask them to buy you Costco cash card. The card gets you in the door and then you can take advantage of the great prices and deals Costco offers. If you find a lot of deals and go over the amount on the card, you just pay the difference.

There are a couple more cool deals, click here to see the others.

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