As the resident user of TikTok, I'm always stumbling upon "life hacks". As clever as some of them are, they're hardly hacks- especially that Nutella and the extra spoon under the cap one- except for this one that I HAD to immediately try.

This one TikTok proves that I have been getting Gatorades out of those rings wrong my entire life. You know what rings I'm talking about, the Gatorades are wrapped in them and trying to get them out is kind of a pain. But now that this TikTok has entered my life, I am a changed woman!

The TikTok comes courtesy of @bnation.ent and if you didn't already know this, then prepare to be shocked!

You mean all these years all I had to do was pull the tab on the plastic ring and the rings just peel apart and the bottles are easily removed?! Did everybody know this? Why did no one tell me?! I've been pulling out the Gatorade bottles like an idiot!

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This may be trivial to many, especially because one of the top comment on the video says:

So wait a minute... you mean to tell me that this isn’t universally known?!

No, apparently not because lots of the comments say:

So you’re telling me I didn’t have to fight with these until my hands were beet red to get them out?

I went ahead and tried it for myself, and I was pleasantly surprised that it worked!

Joanna Barba
Joanna Barba

If you're like me and didn't know this, you're welcome! If you did know this, run along- no need for your negativity here.


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