The COVID 19 pandemic has caused an infinite number of problems for everyone but, financially, there is help out there to ease the burden.

Aware that many people are out of work or making less money these days many companies are offering lower rates, discounts and freebies to help their customers get by.  Click that link to see some and, find a few more here. I found a couple of pretty good ones myself:

  • GEICO, gave me a 15 percent discount on my insurance policies. The cool thing here is, I didn't even have to ask ... they just did it. All their customers, including new ones, get the same break. If your insurance company isn't offering anything, point this out to them. It may prompt them to at least match it.
  • Refinancing my truck wasn't exactly a "special offer", just something I stumbled across. I heard that some banks offered reduced rates or other considerations so, I called about my truck loan. The bank let me skip a payment but, that was about it. So, I called my usual, day to day bank. (GECU) They pretty much matched the existing deal but, at a slightly lower cost and they added free GAP insurance. Now, when it's all said and done, I'll have saved over 3K!

As you see, sometimes just asking questions can save you money even if no "deals" have been advertised or offered. It's certainly worth a few minutes on the phone so, call all your businesses and ask what they can do for you. Point out other offers to see if they will at least match them and if they won't, you're pretty much always free to take the better deal. Some contracts are unbreakable but, you're usually free to accept a better offer. Not everyone wants you to know that though so, be sure to ask!!

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