We've lost a couple of great food spots lately. Over the years we've lost others, here are the five I miss the most.

Most recently, Charcoaler and Dominc's Italian shut down. Though Mike from Dominic's does plan to take on a new venture at some point and that Charbroiler bbq sauce is still available online, they will be sorely missed. Over the years, some of my other favorites have closed for one reason or another.

Here are the other three places I reeeeaaaaallllly miss:

  • The original Cappettos, (formerly) on Montana. Awesome italian food in the coolest building ever. I think it was originally a home with many different rooms and it was always cool waiting to see which of those rooms you'd wind up in. I swear it was haunted too, bonus!
  • Big Al's Wings and Suds. The food was always great and when I wanted something not on the menu, they'd always get it done. The bar rocked too and it was as much fun to party there as it was to eat. I lost count of how many bands, (national and local), playing across the street at Club 101 that I took over there for some outrageous times.
  • Jaxons, (formerly), on Airway. Great American and Mexican food AND they had their own freakin' brewery. All the brewing stuff was in these fortress like rooms with glass about a foot think because, apparently ... under the right conditions ... breweries explode. Awesome.

Some epic times were had in these places, I sure wish they were still around. What places do you miss?

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