I did another, scientific, super accurate poll, (I asked a few peeps at the bar last night), of what horror movies had the scariest music and sounds. Here's how it went ...

Spooky season is finally upon us and there's plenty to frighten you around the Border Land, including the KLAQ Haunted Houses of Terror and the Q Halloween parade.

Most horror movies rely on scary music and sound effects to heighten tension and fear and it usually works. Some movies have extra creepy music that really sticks with you.

With loads of research data, (aka, shots and not so sober, straight up opinion), came up with these ...

The Omen came up several times. That one's creepy but, depending on the situation, a lot of classical and opera stuff is. Gregorian chants too.

Psycho - Great movie, twisted ending.

More suspense than horror really, it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The high pitched, staccato "squeak, squeak, squeak" of a violin bow being drug harshly across the strings really does the trick. It comes back, solo, during the shower scene.

The Exorcist

You wouldn't think simple little, "tubular bells" could completely creep you out but, yep ... they can.

Not to mention the movie itself ... which, according to Joanna, most of us saw way too young ... is scary AF.

Phantasm - My personal favorite when it comes to the theme music.

The theme is good but, I really like it for another reason. When I was in a band in Dallas, we learned a heavy metal version of it to use as an intro piece.

The guy that lived in the apartment below me, I'm pretty sure, absolutely HATES that song to this day.

That one was my favorite, now, on to #1. The only horror movie theme discussed that EVERYBODY agreed on.

It was written and performed by the director, John Carpenter, himself and has been used ... sometimes, slightly modified ... in every movie of the franchise.

They've made so many, perhaps that's why we all know, fear and love it.

Ladies and Gents ... Halloween.

As for creepiest "sounds" used in horror flicks, we came up with these:

The "ha, ha, ha - kill, kill, kill" whispers you hear whenever Jason's up to something in Friday The 13th.

All the slimy, weird, "oooky" noises that run almost constantly throughout Hellraiser.

The "voices from the future" in the movie, Prince Of Darkness.

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