I have seen some of the biggest bands in rock music at the Borderlands two biggest stadiums.

I have seen several big concerts in Sun Bowl Stadium which I recently posted some stories about. I've also seen a few up the road in Las Cruces at Aggie Memorial Stadium.

  • Paul McCartney, April, 1993: I have been a Beatles fan since I was first introduced to them as a kid by family members. If you are as well, catch Brunch with The Beatles Sunday mornings on Q2. Sadly, only 2 Beatles remain, Paul and Ringo; both of whom I have seen live. Here's what Paul played. A funny memory from the Paul McCartney concert happened after the show. We were in the parking lot of a motel near the stadium when some guys walked up selling bootleg Paul McCartney shirts. I had just bought one when 2 cars raced into the parking lot. Two or three guys jumped out, flung the shirt salesmen to the ground, handcuffed them, threw them in the car and sped away. The whole thing took about 2 minutes. Moral: Don't sell counterfeit t-shirts in Cruces.
  • The Eagles, May, 1995: I was surprised at their opening number for this show. Bands typically hold their biggest hit for last but The Eagles came out swinging, starting the evening off with Hotel California. The rest of the show went like this.
  • Faith No More-Metallica-Guns 'N Roses, August, 1992: A monster tour which  Metallica chose not to headline because of, (mostly), Axl Rose and his volatile personality. James had recently been injured and couldn't play guitar. Guns 'N Roses almost never took the stage on time, the shows would be interrupted by Axl's rants and some ended prematurely. Axl stopped this show several times to berate audience members for moving around and talking.

This coupled with a long and slow moving show after having been worked into a frenzy by Metallica's set made for a boring finale. My friends and I ... along with a LOT of other people ... left early.

Faith No More, who were awesome that night, weren't too impressed with G 'n R either and singer Mike Patton made that very clear throughout the tour. He once went as far as to relieve himself on Axl's monitors.

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