We all think El Paso heat is unbearable at times when we actually have no idea what heat truly is. Arizona is definitely a hotter state weather-wise than El Paso, Texas. But to us, El Paso heat feels just like Arizona heat and some don't do well in hot temperatures.

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Granted El Paso weather is bi-polar at times, but when we have a heatwave, some prefer to stay cool. Luckily, El Paso has cooling centers for those who need a cool place to hang. There are also a couple of places you can stay cool while sipping on an ice-cold adult beverage.

Slushies are always the best to get during these hot summer days. When you are sipping on a slushy it sort of really does help cool you off in the intense heat.

We all remember a few years back when Sonic released their pickle slushy in 2018. Some had mixed emotions about the pickle slushy while others were in tastebud heaven. Luckily adults can keep cool while enjoying a spiked slushy from a couple of places.

Last year El Paso suffered some hard times when we were hit hard by the pandemic. Hence why businesses started preparing alcoholic beverages to-go. In fact, one place has frozen drinks to-go that you can order in the drive-thru.

Suck It Daquiris has frozen drinks you can order inside or just get through their drive-thru window. They offer a variety of flavors as well as beer to go. But low and behold another local joint in El Paso offers a certain type of slushy that we normally drink as a liquid. Eskimo hut and many other restaurants/bars still offer slushy like drinks or margaritas to-go.

Recently m friend and co-worker Mike Tipton shared a picture on social media that will make your mouth water. He visited Old Sheepdog Brewery where he tried their beer slushy. When I asked Mike Tipton how the beer slushy tasted he said it was pretty tasty. If you're in the mood for an alcoholic slushy you now have a couple of places to hit up in El Paso.

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