Adults can rejoice about the new adult beverage drive-thru that is coming to East El Paso. If you're a sucker for daiquiris then be prepared to get sucked right in at this up and coming drive-thru. Suck It Daiquiris drive-thru will be opening soon at 3260 N. Zaragoza, Building F, Suite 601. Adults can praise this new lifeline since the pandemic began. Some people (including me) haven't felt comfortable just yet going to a bar to have a drink. Thankfully different bars have come to the rescue offering drinks and food-to-go. The new stop for adult beverages to-go, Suck It Daiquiris won't only focus on selling daiquiris, they will also be selling cocktails, and beers to go as well. They will have a variety of flavors for the daiquiris they will be selling instead of the usual drinks El Pasoans get. I talked to Yvette Munoz who's in charge and she's excited to serve daiquiris than just beer and cocktails.

The daiquiris will be garnished and colorful according to Yvette Munoz. Not only will there be drinks to-go but there will also be a menu for food items to order with your drinks. Did I also mention they will be fun food items that you can order with whatever desired drink you want? If you've been wanting to give your palate a cool surprise other than the usual adult beverages this is another option. This pandemic sure did introduce a new way for you to enjoy your favorite adult beverages without being at the bar.

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