Of all the big - time comedians with admitted soft spots for El Paso; which one's your favorite?

George Lopez will be performing in El Paso Saturday, December 1st, at the Abraham Chavez Theater.  The actor/comedian has always been pretty fond of El Chuco and the Borderland in general. His next movie will be (at least partly) filmed in Las Cruces!

Lots of Hispanic comedians have developed a fondness for EP and make frequent stops here including Cheech Marin, Willie Barcena, Paul Rodriguez and Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias.  The first Latin Kings Of Comedy special, (which starred Lopez, Marin, and Rodriguez along with Joey Medina and Alex Reymundo), was filmed here in 2002.

El Paso has so much to offer that many comics and other entertainers return to the Sun City over and over. Those are ... to me ... the biggest names in comedy to repeatedly perform and film here.

Since we seem to be a favorite of theirs, which one of them is your favorite??

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