Tom Segura is f***ing hilarious. Just check out some of his standup.

Maybe you're looking for someone hilarious, but you want it in Spanish. Tom Segura is your guy! He not only does a full set in English, but he also does full sets in Spanish as well. Here is a sample of him using his Spanish on his YouTube channel.

What does Tom Segura think about other people who think they know Spanish because they took classes in high school?

So get ready for Tom Segura to make his return to El Paso. Here's the info you need.

  • Tickets go on sale Friday, May 21st at 10am
  • The show is going to be on Sunday, January 30th, 2022
  • The show will be taking place at the Abraham Chavez Theater

Tom Segura is also a man that is willing to put his body on the line for his comedy. He and fellow comedian, Bert Kreischer were filming a dunk contest for a big New Years special they were putting together. Tom ended up winning the contest but it wasn't over yet. He was going to try to dunk just one more time at a slightly higher height than before. Well, he proceeds to get injured. Really, really injured. Just watch, but I'm warning you, if you don't like videos of broken limbs, don't watch this.

I remember seeing hints of this video surfacing as Tom teased what was coming, but not really being able to find anything I assumed it was all a prank. At first he just posted a picture of what the x-ray of his arm looked like. Of course, it wasn't a prank.

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