We've seen celebrities & musicians take many photos in El Paso; this past weekend we saw Danny Trejo take photos at Dave's Pawn Shop. This weekend we saw another legend take photos of El Paso; Lyle Lovett took photos of Downtown & had some nice words for El Paso.

For those who don't know who Lyle Lovett is, the Houston country singer-songwriter has released over 13 albums, 25 singles since 1980. He's won 4 Grammys & was inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame in 2012.

Some of his most popular songs include She's No Lady, If I Had A Boat, & Cowboy Man, which would become his biggest hit on the Billboard charts.

Recently Lyle performed an acoustic show in El Paso on Thursday (February 2nd) at the Abraham Chavez Theater. Afterwards, on his Facebook & Instagram account, he posted this after his El Paso show; calling the audience "playful" & thanking El Paso for letting him perform.

But that wasn't the only photo he took. He would take a photo of his bassist Leland Sklar posing outside of the Theater. Lyle also took this photo while he was staying at the Hotel Paso Del Norte; admiring the artwork by Frida Kahlo.

And a nice shot outside the Abraham Chavez Theater.

He would post more photos of the theaters he performed in Texas including the Buddy Holly Hall in Lubbock & The Paramount in Abilene. But he decided to post additional photos from his stay in El Paso, which is very much appreciated.

Lyle hasn't come to El Paso until this year, so we appreciate him not only performing for his El Paso fans, but also showing his appreciation for the Sun City to his fans.

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