Lots of top comedy acts will be coming to El Paso between now and the end of the year. We’ve interviewed all of these comedians and, as far as I know, I’m only kind of in the doghouse with one of them. It’s certainly not Willie Barcena. The last time Willie was in town I gifted him my bicycle that he’d been asking me for the last ten years.

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Willie Barcena Facebook
Willie Barcena Facebook

Willie is going to be at the El Paso Comic Strip this weekend starting on Thursday, November 4th with shows through Sunday. Tickets available at https://www.laff2nite.com/


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Gabriel Iglesias will be doing two shows at the Don Haskins Center on November 12 and 13th.  If you weren’t able to get your mom Enrique Iglesias tickets for earlier that week, tell her this was as close as you could get!  Gabriel is a comedian, actor, Manny’s fake dad on “Modern Family” and, now, Funco Pop lookalike-haver.


Bert Kreischer via Facebook
Bert Kreischer via Facebook


Bert Kreischer is doing a one-night-only show at the Abraham Chavez Theater on Friday, December 10th.   “The Machine” has spent much of 2021 in Siberia filming the adaptation of his life story…especially the part about palling up with Russian mafia members while “studying” abroad and being the real-life inspiration for Van Wilder.


Jerod Harris/Getty Images
Jerod Harris

Carlos Mencia will be doing three nights at the El Paso Comic Strip from December 16-18. I know Carlos’ name is, I think some of it very unfairly, associated with “joke thief”.  I saw Carlos do most of his set the last time he was in town and I will tell you, by the amount of hysterical laughter, the crowd couldn’t have cared any less about any of that. Carlos Mencia is still keeping fans in stitches. I’ll go one further. I think Carlos is funnier now than he ever was before the whole “Rogan/joke thief” incident.

Of course, tickets for Carlos Mencia at https://www.laff2nite.com/

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