Remember the movie American Psycho with Christian Bale? Now check out American "Weird-O".

American Psycho is actually one of my favorite movies (apart from the fact that is has both Christian Bale and Jared Leto).

In case you are not familiar (for some odd reason) or don't remember it quite well, the movie is about a young man, Patrick Bateman, an Investment Banker living in Manhattan who is also a serial killer. A perfectionist who has his morning rituals consisting of a morning workout along with a beautification routine. Apart from the extensive personal care, he also has a taste for expensive designer clothing and music collection including Huey Lewis and the News and Whitney Houston.

In the scene where he and his associates are 'showing off' their business cards, he feels a bit jealous of Paul Allen's (Jared Leto) card. Later in the film he gets together with Paul Allen, gets him drunk, takes him to his apartment and kills him while playing the song, "Hip To Be Square".

Funny thing, Huey Lewis got together with Weird Al Yankovic to make the perfect re-enactment of the famous scene ... and it is awesome!!!

Here is the original scene from the movie with Christian Bale and Jared Leto (Careful NSFW):



I Want A New Drug did a lot for Huey and I Want A New Duck did a lot for Weird Al.  That Psych parody though, may have ended both their careers!  If you're not familiar with Weird Als' remake, check it out here:


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