If every fast food restaurant had a mascot like this outside, I'd always stop by to see what sweet dance moves he had that day!

Sometimes it can be boring sitting in line, waiting to make your order at your favorite fast food restaurant. Luckily for fans of this Chik-Fil-A restaurant, the mascot working out front is ready to give you some prime entertainment!

Once the driver of the vehicle calls him over, the mascot knows he's being summoned for a worthy cause. And that worthy cause if to show all the other mascots why Chik-Fil-A is number one. Or at least number one in a dance off. I think he's running to the car because he knows that they're playing his jam.

This cow is putting in some serious to work to this song, and I'm pretty sure he's busting out dance moves I didn't know existed and couldn't master. At the end, he trots off into the sunset, okay fine dusk sky, knowing that his job is done. He has shown us the best dancing cow we have ever seen in our lives. Thank you.