Who is Bob Freitas? He was a longtime minor league ambassador. What is the Bob Freitas Award? It's an award give by Baseball America magazine to the minor league ballclubs that  show "community involvement, long-term business success, and consistent operational excellence." The award has been around

This is the first time the Chihuahuas have won the award. Chihuahua's General Manager Brad Taylor said:

To see the complete body of work over seven years by our ownership and staff get recognized with the prestigious Bob Freitas Award, is truly an honor. I am proud of our staff for continually representing our core values so consistently.

This just continues to prove that we have something really good with the Chihuahuas here in El Paso. It sucks that 2020 took our season from us, but it will hopefully be back coming up in 2021. MountainStar Sports Group President Alan Ledford said:

Our organization is incredibly proud to be recognized by Baseball America with the Freitas Award. Our success is a direct result of an ownership group which has invested in and supported our organization and this region in an extraordinary way, an amazing community which has embraced the Chihuahuas and Southwest University Park, and a staff which is incredibly dedicated and talented.

The winner of the Bob Freitas award is chosen by the writers of Baseball America magazine. Since the Chihuahuas have been in El Paso, they've won 4 division titles, 2 conference titles, and 1 league title. Not too bad for a team that's only been here since 2014.

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