As a new season of baseball starts, it's always fun rooting for your favorite team, hoping that this year they'll be the one holding the giant trophy at the World Series. El Paso has seen its share of champions; from the El Paso Chihuahuas winning in the Minor Leagues & players winning the World Series too. Not many players have done it but here's a look at the past World Series Winners from El Paso.

Armando Almanza

Let's start with the left handed pitcher, Armanda Almanza.

Armando Almanza #55
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He would later play for the Arizona Diamondbacks & the Atlanta Braves in his career but he his success would come with the Florida Marlins. He joined the El Paso Baseball Hall of Fame in 2012 & amongst his accomplishments was being a member of the winning 2003 World Series Florida Marlins team.

The next year, we would see another El Paso player win a World Series.

Frank Castillo

Red Sox v Orioles X Castillo
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Frank Anthony Castillo joined the league in 1991 as a pitcher & has played for a number of teams; including the Chicago Cubs, the Colorado Rockies, the Detroit Tigers, the Toronto Blue Jays & the Florida Marlins. But he would find his World Series ring in 2004 with the Boston Red Sox (their 6th overall World Series win at the time).

A quick mention to El Paso Chihuahua players who've won a World Series in the past.

Back in 2009, Robinson Cano won the World Series as part of the New York Yankees & he played with the El Paso Chihuahuas in 2022.

Matt Beaty won the World Series with the LA Dodgers in 2020; he also played for the El Paso Chihuahuas in 2022.

We'll see how many more El Paso players join the major leagues & win the World Series in the future.

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