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El Paso Chihuahuas, Now Our Beloved Boys of Spring, Summer, Fall
If there is one takeaway from the El Paso Chihuahuas 2022 schedule release, it is that Major League Baseball liked the way they handled their new acquisition of Minor League Baseball post pandemic. Prior to 2020, the Triple-A season used to end in early September and most teams would be lucky to get more than a few days off each month...
Free Aardvarks for 100 Fans
How much more money is needed to finish El Paso's Triple A baseball stadium? No one, it seems, is really sure. Josh Hunt of Mountainstar could only speculate..another 5 million? Seven? Who knows? But what, exactly, is causing the cost overrun on the ballpark that has already been the topic of so much controversy?  Luckily, that information has come into my possession. I have here an itemized list