A chick tries to stop a fight from happening and it didn't go as planned. It actually backfired because a brawl broke out. Now, pay close attention to what is going on in this fight.

Let's break it down, it's two guys vs seven others.  It all starts with the two guys arguing when the chick comes out of nowhere trying to separate the two. Well, the white guy with the shirt on tries to punch the shirtless guy but he ends missing and hits the chick instead knocking down to the ground.

I feel really bad because the white guy wearing the t- shirt and his black friend end up getting beat up by all the other hoodlums in the video. Wow, how old am I getting? I just used the word hoodlum.

Anyway, the fight comes to end once the clubs security intervenes. The group of hoodlums end up beating up the friend to the ground. He's then scraped up off the floor by his white friend in the wife beater t-shirt.

The end.