There was a lot to do this weekend with various events taking place in and around the Borderland. One of them was Neon Desert Music Festival where thousands of people took to the streets to dance, dance and apparently fight.

I've sort of become the go to person in the city when it comes to celebrity sightings and fights occurring. To be honest, the old man fighting during the UTEP tailgate party is still one of the best videos I have seen, even though it messed things up for people parking in that area.

So, last night I started getting tweets sent to me about a big fight that went down at NDMF. This wasn't expected because our news partners at ABC 7 spoke to Neon Desert's producer, Zach Paul and he assured  ABC-7 that San Jacinto Plaza will be protected.

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In total, 80 to 90 security officers and 45 to 50 police officers were Downtown during the festival. There's been no word on the total number of incidents that authorities responded to this past weekend.

Overall the festival looked lit, so check out some of the videos that were posted to Instagram.

My friend Alex and his homie helped him get up on the Chase building. Savages.

Donald Trump even made an appearance at the huge festival. SAY WHAT?

On that note, I will leave you with some sweet, sexy dances moves from these two cougars.