Three gorgeous babes and they can cook while scantily clad?!The summertime is known as the time for bathing suits, BBQs and some hot weather. Mix these ingredients together with three absolutely gorgeous models and you have the fantasy BBQ you have always wanted. Meet the busty Lindsey Pelas, the flirtatious Charm Killings and the blonde bombshell Tamra D. Not only do these women look absolutely smoking hot in their white bikinis, but they can cook! Whipping up some barbecue chicken, roasted corn, burgers roasted veggies and more. Not to mention they are also beer drinkers, gulping down Bud Light while they work. After the ladies are done making the food, its time to grub down on all their hard effort. And lucky for the viewers of this video, they looks as gorgeous eating as they do cooking. I get that they're excited about the ribs they just made, but I don't think licking them like an ice cream cone is going to help. Doesn't matter, they still look hot doing it. Especially when the lovely Charm Killings drops BBQ sauce on herself, and proceeds to lick the sauce off her breast. That part alone is why you should watch this video.

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