Meet Al-Namrood, Saudi Arabia's only Black Metal Band, mostly because if they were caught, they would be killed. 

Black metal bands in the United States can be found and heard in different concert venues. Sadly, sometimes people in more liberal countries forget how much easier we have it when expressing our own voice and feelings. Especially when expressing your feelings, even through music, can lead to your own imprisonment and even death.

Mett Al-Namrood, Saudi Arabia's only black metal band. The band is compromised of three men, who wanted to combine the Arabic scale (which I love) with black metal and Arabic lyrics. The result? Something that reminds me of a more beautiful time and yet the harshest reminder of reality. The songs rhythm is catchy and makes me want to know exactly what the words of the song are and are about.

Here's what the name Al-Namrood means, according to the band's bassist, Mephisto:

Al-Namrood is the Arabic name of the Babylonian king Nimrod, who was a mighty tyrannical king who ruled Babylon with blood and defied the ruler of the universe, according to the tenets of monotheistic religions. We find the title of Al-Namrood to perfectly fit the message of the band. [Literally, Al-Namrood translates to "non-believer."]

The band has never performed live for an audience, mostly because if they did, they could be arrested on the spot. The band's lyrics are anti-religious, in a county where everything you say or do is controlled by the religion. The Islamic Sharia law is the law of the land, ad everyone in the society must abide.

The band has many hardships when it comes to recording their music, even things that we here in the United States would take for granted. Things like the actual music equipment used to perform and record on. Mephsito described it as "living in a cage and demanding electricity." 

To learn more about Al-Namrood, please check out Vice's article on the band. I highly recommend it.

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