After a crazy week of concert announcements, we are taking some time to reflect on a very intimate acoustic performance from The Glorious Sons at Star City Studios.

A small crowd of KLAQ listeners and Glorious Son fans sat quietly as they were serenaded by these magical men. After the performance, we gave these listeners some time to talk with the guys and take some photos.

The Glorious Sons

We hope The Glorious Sons loved El Paso as much as we loved them and they will come back to rock a bigger venue. My hope would be a huge StreetFest event with them headlining but I can only dream. I could also possibly cry to my bosses to make it happen.

Either way, we are hoping to bring you lovely listeners even more amazing performances. Make sure you have the FREE KLAQ app so you will not miss when we are calling for entries to get into these type of exclusive performances. Using this little box to download the app now:

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