Mark Farner 2018 StreetFest

Mark Farner knows how to party. He proved that to all of us at the El Paso Downtown StreetFest 2018. Some lucky El Pasoans meet Mark Farner right before he rocked the El Paso Downtown StreetFest and were so starstruck with him.

He is one of the coolest guys you can meet in a lifetime and as some of you may eye roll, a rock n' roll legend in his own way. We saw plenty of fans out to prove that as they rocked along with Farner and showed their fandom with a see of Farner shirts.

The El Paso Downtown StreetFest was a kickass time with some kickass bands, so make sure you join us as we continue to bring you more amazing performances. You could even win a chance to win a meet and greets by signing up to be a KLAQ Freeloader and of course, keep listening to KLAQ for on-air chances to win.

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