By now, all the snow and ice from last week is all gone. But on that day, the views in the Sun City were Instagram worthy!

The days are starting to warm back up- this weekend looks like it will a warm one perfect for those who are grilling for Super Bowl Sunday. The first snow fall of 2022 is now just a memory. However, I know for sure, many El Pasoans, and people in the surrounding area, busted out their cameras and took pictures of the snow day. I know I did, and the view from my house looked like it was straight out of a movie!

Joanna Barba
Joanna Barba

Some people will think it's silly that we get excited for the snow; our friends up in the North must laugh at us for even thinking that this qualifies as snow! But we hardly get this kind of weather, which is why we all have to get it documented!

While many enjoyed the winter wonderland in El Paso by staying home and staying warm and cozy; others had to brave the elements and deal with driving around town in the snow. The day was filled with accidents, delays and pretty much misery all around the roads in El Paso.

But, nonetheless, it was a snow day and we had a few good days of winter weather. To commemorate the day, I asked our followers on Facebook to send us their pictures of the snow day.

And of course, y'all didn't let me down and sent me in some beautiful photos of your snow day! Next time you're missing winter weather check these out!

El Paso's First Snow Day of 2022

El Pasoan's capture the first snowfall of 2022

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