There are some things celebrities would love for you to know, but they don't tell you. Should They? Probably. Will they? Probably not.

Until now. Alex Skolnick, lead shred beast from Testament and the Alex Skolnick Trio wrote a piece yesterday that could help everyone out when it comes to meeting your favorite musicians, actors, athletes. Quick tips we can all follow to make sure everyone can get their stuff signed, and not piss off the star.

I've seen these things happen so many times, I'm actually surprised a list like this hasn't been compiled before now. Keep these in mind the next time you meet someone the very least you'll get a chuckle seeing people who do this stuff.

  • Know how to work your camera/Remove the cap from your pen
    The first two are almost one idea, and you know what this is about. It's always the person right before you in line who can't figure out how their camera works, and it takes seventeen minutes to get one blurry photo with the celeb. Then they start over to get one in focus. They also hand them a Sharpie that's capped so tight, the celeb has to get out his blowtorch to uncap the damn thing.
  • Don't bring your entire album collection to be signed
    Another case of the person right in front of you, "Hey, thanks for signing stuff for us! Here's every format of every album you've ever stood next to, plus the Japanese bootlegs, home-made discs of YouTube performances, every magazine cover ever made of anyone who even looks like you, and some hand-drawn art on a napkin I'd like for you to sign!"Don't be that guy. A couple things, at most. Some M&Gs limit everyone to two items per, for a reason.
  • Online etiquette is essential
    You see it a lot now..."OMG! You replied to me, so you must really want to talk to me, so here are four hundred more Tweets asking you questions, and a bunch of photos I just pulled off the internet to share with you, and could you follow my friends, they're really funny..."Don't be that person, either.
  • There is nothing fun about interacting with someone who is 100% shitfaced drunk
    Yay, THIS guy.

Drunk fan: "You (hiccup) are the greatest!"

Artist: "Thank you. It's nice to meet.."

Drunk fan: (Louder) "NO. I mean it. YOU... are... the... greatest (hiccup)"

Artist "That's very kind. I appreciate..."

Drunk fan: (Yelling, causing heads to turn) "YOU don't UNDERSTAND!! (hiccup) I..MEAN it!! YOU... are... the GREATEST!! (hiccup)"

Get the rest of the tips via Alex Skolnick's blog