We were first introduced to Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood 50 years ago on February 19, 1968. Television was different back then, but kids are always the same. Mr. Rogers transcends time. I grew up watching him in the mid '90's and everything he talked about in 1968 resonated with me in 1996. Even watching him now feels like I stepped in a time machine and I'm five years old again, learning how to be a good neighbor.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, PBS tweeted out this amazing remix of Mr. Rogers. I celebrated by looking going down a YouTube wormhole of some of my favorite Mr. Rogers moments and forcing my nephews to watch them. My favorite will always be when Bill Nye The Science Guy appeared in Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, I couldn't believe that Mr. Rogers knew Bill Nye! And as I was scrolling through the Mr. Rogers hashtag on Twitter I stumbled upon this tweet from the Twitter Queen herself, Chrissy Teigen:

Mr. Rogers wasn't just an act, though. Fred Rogers in real life was just as sweet and endearing when the camera wasn't rolling. A documentary showcasing Fred Rogers' life is due out in September, a new stamp celebrating him will be released next month and Tom Hanks has been cast to play Fred in an up and coming biopic. Mr. Rogers isn't going away anytime soon, and neither will the lessons he taught us; be kind to others, love people for who they are and always be a good neighbor. If we live by these rules then it will most certainly be a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

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