When I got my son baptized I was nervous he was going to bust out crying the way the kid above did. Luckily for my son, he had a nice Priest who was kind to every single kid that cried and didn't cry.

It is scary to see how this Priest reacted to a crying kid but can you imagine what happens behind closed doors? This is not the only incident that has involved a Catholic Priest. Just recently you heard about the former Catholic Priest Miguel Luna being arrested for sexual abuse. But this Priest above definitely crossed the line when he hit the kid on the face and Nela Tv has it for you to see. What stunned me was how long it took the relatives to grab the child and get away from that Priest. After the gentleman tried getting the kid away from the Priest, the so-called Holy man had quite the grip on the child. If you witnessed this kind of situation, what would you do? I would hope one of my relatives would do the dirty work for me because I would feel like I am going to hell for slapping a Priest.

If you saw a Priest smack your kid in front of your eyes would you hit the Priest back or leave it in God's hands? Take the poll below!

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